Post #11: Fritz the Cat

Ralph Bakshi is, if nothing else, an interesting director.  Now, I would not go as far as to say that he is a director of great films, but few American animation directors have dared to go as far against the grain as Ralph Bakshi.  In an era where Disney was the final word in feature-length animation, Bakshi directed Fritz the Cat, a movie that couldn’t be less like an animated Disney film if it was live action.  To put it lightly, Fritz the Cat is completely mad.

Trailer for Fritz the Cat

Filled with drugs, sex, and violence, Ralph Bakshi clearly wanted to push the boundaries of what was acceptable.  The problem that I have with Felix the Cat is just that: it seems that Ralph Bakshi created Fritz the Cat to push boundaries and never bothered to ask whether or not it made a good film.  The movie itself is kind of a mess, with various random events very tenuously strung together around a cast of generally detestable characters.

Bakshi has, however, made better films.  Wizards, for instance is actually a very good movie.  Removed from his desire to make the most offensive film possible, Bakshi crafted a visually unique film with a cast of interesting characters and a great setting.

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  1. I’ve definitely heard good things about Ralph Bakshi and Wizards, so I’ll definitely be sure to watch it. Apparently, Robert Crumb, the original creator of Fritz the Cat, really hated Bakshi’s adaptation, and going by the trailer and description, I can’t say I blame him (though Crumb’s comic was really adult/ surreal itself).

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